Asset Tracking

GST offers a complete array of solutions for nationwide mobile asset tracking that can be tailored with ease according to the specific needs of individual clients. GST Tracker®, designed for public safety, law-enforcement agencies, and private corporations, enables users to host servers within their firewall with full access and control of their own database. GST Optima, a GST-hosted, web-based nationwide asset tracking system, provides real-time monitoring services for government agencies and transportation/delivery companies. GST solutions support all types of tracking devices, including vehicles installed with GPS modems, mobile data computers (MDC’s) with embedded GPS, smartphones, tablets\iPads, and personal tracking devices.

Mobile Mapping

GST Mapper® MDC, GST’s state-of-the-art mobile mapping solution, has been widely adopted by major law-enforcement/public safety agencies and emergency medical service providers throughout the nation. Police officers, fire fighters, and EMS drivers obtain full access to detailed local geographic information in their vehicles when needed. The field officer can see their own location on the map or in aerial photography; access critical geographic information such as fire hydrants, hazard materials, criminal incidents and locations of safety concern; find the quickest route to the incident; or view the detailed floor plans of schools or apartment complexes before entering the compound. At any location, authorized officers can see where nearby sister units are during an operation, display the calls/incidents received from their dispatch system, and activate the navigation functions to get real-time visual and audible turn-by-turn directions. For agencies that operate in areas with reliable high-speed wireless communication, GST provides web-based mobile mapping options for field units to receive mapping data through the wireless network. For agencies that require operations in areas without reliable, high-speed internet connections, GST provides cost-effective regional and nationwide map options. GST mobile mapping solutions enable agencies to incorporate their own GIS data for field staff to access the most detailed, up-to-date local geographic information.

As part of our Asset Tracking and Mobile Mapping Solutions GST provides:

  • GIS Consultation Services to assist clients with preparing the correct GIS data to be incorporated into the system
  • Customization Development Services to add special features to the system to meet specific needs
  • System Implementation & Training Services

Public Safety Suite with CAD / AVL Interoperability

GST's Public Safety Suite is designed specifically for multi-agency regional interoperability. Its comprehensive CAD/AVL Interface solutions have seamlessly integrated with numerous CAD/AVL systems throughout the nation to bring real-time CAD incidents and AVL data from multiple vendors into one Common Operating Picture. GST’s interoperability solutions include modules that have open API’s which can be integrated with commercial data communication protocols as well as with major CAD systems, allowing multiple agencies using different CAD or AVL systems, with different communication networks, to share critical information during major operations; incident commanders, dispatchers, and field officers can see all the incidents from multiple CAD’s and units from multiple agencies, all on the same map with live situational awareness. GST's Public Safety Suite offers GST CrimeMap™ for advanced crime mapping and analysis, GST IntelNexus™ for law-enforcement intelligence database management, and GST Mapper® E911 for real-time mapping of E911 calls.

LBS Applications

GST offers consultation, development, and implementation services to build Location-Based Services applications for government agencies and private organizations. Using GST LBS applications, municipal public works departments, transportation organizations, security staffing firms, and many other organizations can record where and when specific tasks and needs are attended to — for example, while tracking when street sweepers and snowplows are needed to clean streets to make the most efficient and effective use of equipment. Using GST LBS applications, utility companies and household service providers can keep track of the time and location services are provided, and delivery operators may answer inquiries from customers about the current location of delivery trucks and estimated times of arrival. PAXTrack and SMARTrack are state-of-the-art, patent-pending LBS solutions currently deployed at major airports to support ground services operated by DAL Global Services, the largest airport ground service provider in North America.

Intelligence Database System and Crime Analysis Applications

GST offers advanced intelligence database management systems and Crime Analysis applications designed specifically for law enforcement agencies to collect, organize, maintain, and analyze sensitive information about individuals, organizations, and their activities.