GST Tracker® Suite

Provides real-time tracking of fleets such as police patrol vehicles, armored vehicles, fire and rescue vehicles, GPS equipped handsets, or delivery trucks, en masse or individually, 24/7...

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GST IntelNexus

GST IntelNexusis a database management system developed for assisting Law Enforcement Agencies and DA Offices with storing, organizing, and analyzing the reports created for investigations. Ideal for Intel, Special Investigations, or Gang Task Force Units tracking subjects, events or organizations. Built-in mechanisms even help units stay within 28 CFR Part 23 Criminal Intelligence System Operating Guidelines.

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Proven Technology

Currently used by the nation’s largest Sheriff’s Department and Fire Department as well as many nationally recognized public safety agencies.

Mobile Mapping

State-of-the-art advanced mobile mapping solutions supporting an agency’s ESRI GIS data and satellite images, with various routing capabilities, optional real-time navigation, and live traffic modules.

CAD Independent

GST offers standard CAD-AVL interfaces that make it easy for agencies to switch CAD systems without having to replace their existing AVL system.

Workstation and Web-based Options

GST provides workstation or optional web-based asset viewing and mapping with real-time traffic, suitable for watch commanders, dispatchers, and supervisors to maximize situational awareness.

Non-CAD Devices

GST supports a variety of GPS devices that may not be included in an agency's CAD systems, such as hard mounted modems, smartphones, personal tracking devices, iPad or Android tablets, etc.

AVL Interoperability

Designed specifically for multi-agency regional interoperability, GST provides comprehensive CAD/AVL Interface solutions that seamlessly integrate with other CAD/AVL systems, bringing real-time CAD incidents and AVL data from multiple vendors into one Common Operating Picture.



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