GST MapperĀ® with E911 phone system interface integrates E911 infrastructure with state-of-art mapping functionality, consents the government regulations and requirements of emergency response, and provides critical tools such as analyzing each call to determine if it’s within jurisdiction or outside, distinguishing whether the calls are coming from landlines or cellular phones, and providing accurate location information of each incoming 911 calls.

Functional Features

  • Real-time mapping of 911 calls from landlines and cellular phones
  • PSAP wireless ALI format 04 phase I and II
  • Display 911 calls on GIS map or aerial photography
  • Generate quickest route from any location to a 911 call
  • Differentiate 911 calls within and outside of jurisdiction
  • Identify the closest address of a wireless 911 call
  • Option to display CAD incidents / events with 911 calls
  • Option to display vehicles through AVL interface with 911 calls
  • Option to display GPS-equipped handsets
  • Find nearest vehicles or handsets from a 911 call

System Requirements

Operating System
Hard Disk

1.2GHz Core 2 Duo or higher
Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7
4GB RAM or more
60GB or more (7200 RPM)
LAN 100BaseT or better; WAN (at least 5k/sec)
Minimum 1024x768 16bit color
Digital street map