GST Optima™ hosted solution is a state-of-the-art GPS mapping solutions for public safety, first responders, and other governmental agencies. The ability to track multiple GPS-enabled devices (handsets, Smartphones, modems, broadband cards) using multiple communication protocols are imperative for multi-agency, regional interoperability.

During a major incident, dispatchers, emergency operations centers (EOC), and in-vehicle Mobile Data Computers (MDC) can all share one common operating picture using a national map or agency-provided local GIS map.

Integration with the AirLink line of intelligent Gateways provides a reliable data connection and highly accurate location information.

GST Optima is a web-based AVL service for public safety organizations. GST Optima offers a fully optimized AVL service with no software to install or host on your server.

Functional Features

  • Microsoft Bing integration with national map coverage
  • Real-time tracking of GPS-enabled handsets and other devices using Microsoft BING Maps.
  • Generates detailed reports of activity history of any person or vehicle, and plays back the history on the map either point by point or in a breadcrumb trail.
  • Targeted Messaging: Incident commanders or dispatchers may draw a circle, a rectangle, or a polygon on the map and send text messages to all the phones within the area. The phones may also be chosen from a list.
  • Geo-fence Reporting: Dispatchers may draw a polygon on the map to be defined as a special safety zone, and the system will automatically generate reports showing all the mobile units that enter or exit the zone.
  • Geo-fence Notification: Send messages to incident commanders or supervisors automatically whenever a mobile unit enters or exits the special area delineated on the map.
  • Clock-in/Clock-out Report: Dispatchers may generate clock-in/clock-out report of any specified unit. The report will have location, date, and timestamp.
  • GST Hosted (optional migration to agency-hosted solution-GST Tracker).
  • Achieves data interoperability using various wireless communication protocols.
  • Integration with Sierra Wireless AirLink gateways for a reliable data connection and highly accurate location information.