fig1In a fast-paced world where changes in technology are the norm, GeoSpatial Technologies® Inc. (GST) remains a stable and innovative R&D powerhouse, that develops location-based technologies, incorporating Geographic Information Systems (GIS), GPS, and wireless communications for the First Responders, Public Safety, Transportation, and Fleet Management Industries.

GST’s advanced technologies, which are patented and protected by the US Patent Office, integrate seamlessly via APIs with major CAD systems, multiple data communication protocols and different GIS data formats. The core technology platforms have been designed to be embedded in vehicles, cell phones or thin-client devices that are GPS-enabled, providing real-time mobile asset tracking with dynamic communication and viewing capacities. GST offers an array of solutions for mobile asset tracking on local, inter-state or nationwide maps; it not only would help multi-department within government of all levels increasing their day-to-day management effectiveness, but in any emergency situation when multi-agency operation is collaborated, it would also provide the Command Center a critical tool for them to make immediate actions, when the locations of agency’s deployed personnel, vehicles, assets and CAD incidents can be viewed at both Dispatch Center and Mobile Data computers (MDCs) through a Common Operating Picture.

The interoperability mobile tracking systems and series of products that GST developed offer great flexibilities for clients of different sizes, with different budget and personnel resources; nonetheless, the tremendous effectiveness that GST technologies bring about has never ceased to amaze users in different industries that GST serves.