CrimeMap Mobile is the latest development in GST’s crime mapping/analysis series. It offers the most crucial mapping/analysis capabilities to support field officers in patrol vehicles. CrimeMap Mobile maximizes the performance of Mobile Data Computers (MDC) in real time in retrieving much needed information of crime incidents, and linking such incident data to geographic information.

Functional Features

Incidents Search

GST CrimeMap Mobile can search for incidents based on:

  • Date and Time
  • Distance
  • Incident Type
  • Vehicle and Incident Location
  • Landmark
  • Address or Intersection

For instance, a patrol officer can obtain all incidents related to alcohol offenses within one mile, or any desired distance, of a specific address through the wireless communication network.

Mapping Interface

GST CrimeMap Mobile contains the powerful GST CrimeMap Display: a mapping tool that provides a visual display of crime incident data. Mapping functions include but are not limited to zooming control, geocoding, vehicle and incident location, point information, and map customization tools such as labeling, annotation, radius rings, and layer control.

Wireless Communication

GST CrimeMap Mobile has the ability to link directly to the agency's centralized crime database via wireless communications. This capability allows patrol officers to access information without the need to carry the entire database in their mobile data computers. Information about any selected set of incidents can be received wirelessly from the agency's RMS, CAD, event files, or the crime database.

System Requirements

Operating System
Hard Disk

Intel® Core2™ Dual 1.2GHz
Microsoft Windows® Vista/7
4GB RAM or more
80GB or more
Minimum 1024x768 16bit color