GST Viewer® provides real-time tracking of fleets such as police patrol vehicles, armored vehicles, fire and rescue vehicles, GPS equipped handsets, delivery trucks, en masse or individually, 24/7.

The patented GST Viewer® combines the latest technologies of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and wireless communications to centralize vehicle registration and hardware configuration, empower dispatchers with real-time vehicle information and locations, allowing them to automatically reroute vehicles as needed.

Functional Features

Interoperability Function

Support multi-agency data interoperability to provide one common operating picture for dispatch workstations and MDCs.

Mobile Assets Tracking

Real-time tracking of multiple types of moving assets simultaneously, displaying locations of vehicles with GPS devices, GPS equipped handsets, Blackberry units, and GST GPS Unit hard mount vehicles.

Map Display

Support importing & display of multiple map layers. Automatic and interactive street labeling. Support importing & display of aerial photography. Day-view and night-view options for effective map display. (Supported format includes *.ecw)

Near Units Identification

At the moment of an emergency, the dispatcher may activate the Near Units Identification feature, and GST Viewer® will show the user-specified number of nearest units from the location of the emergency. Dispatcher can also display and identify mobile units close to any location on the map.

Instant Polling

At any moment, the operator may select one or more units, click the instant poll button, and view the locations of the selected units on the map. Information displayed with the units may include unit ID, speed, direction, time, and date.

Travel History Recording

Generate a report of detailed driving history of any selected unit for any specific time period. This report may contain all the polling points and the corresponding events.

Travel History Playback

GST Viewer® provides a function for the dispatcher to playback the detailed history of any unit for any date. You may view the trip point by point, or the entire trip as a breadcrumb trail.

Emergency Alert

GST Viewer® supports external devices of emergency alert, such as a panic button on GST GPS Units (Tracker DL3), to issue alert messages to the dispatch center along with the exact location of the unit requesting immediate support.

Optional Feature


  • "From Address" to "To Address" Navigation
  • Navigation from mobile unit to incident (Requires CAD Interface)
  • Display of the shortest path between the designated locations. Turn-by-turn directions for each leg of the desired route.
  • Option Requirement: Customer must provide a street centerline map that is spatially accurate for GST to perform map processing.

CAD Interface

  • With a proper interface with the agency's CAD, GST Viewer® displays all incidents on the map and indicates the status of each incident
  • Logon & Logoff of crew display in text & on the map
  • Option Requirement:
    • Incident from CAD: CAD system must export incident file to a specified file location on the GST Tracker® Server / MDC in txt. (commas delimited) format
    • Crew Sign-in / Sign-out Info from CAD: CAD system must feed log-on & log-off data to the GST Tracker® Server's CAD interface component.

Reverse 911 Display

  • Marquis select an area on the map to generate a list of address within the boundary
  • Radius select an area on the map to generate a list of address within the boundary
  • Generate a Radius Ring on the map to generate a list of address within the boundary
  • Option Requirement: Customer must provide the point address layers, which contain a field for all the addresses.

Geofencing Report

  • Ability to create a geofence (polygon)
  • Geofencing report displays mobile unit within or outside a geofence

Target Messaging

  • Ability to send canned messages by selecting mobile units on the map (Handsets only)

System Requirements

Computer Hardware
Workstation Model
Operating System
Hard Disk
Mobile Unit Hardware

GST Viewer Workstation
Dell OptiPlex 790
Intel Core i5 2400, 3.1 GHz, 6MB
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, SP1
4 GB (2x2GB) DDR3 SDRAM, Dual Channel 1333MHz
320GB SATA 7,200 RPM 6.0GB/s w/ 16MB Cache
512MB AMD RADEON HD 6350 (2 DVI), Full Height
Dell E Series E2311 23 Inch Wide Monitor, VGA/DVI
GST Tracker Mobile Unit Hardware or GPS-enable Handsets/PDAs
GST Tracker Server Software, GST Viewer Software, GST Mobile Unit Software